Your Business Appraisal

The first step in the LogisticsEquity growth process is the appraisal of your current business health. Our experts have the tools and the experience to collect information about your business in an efficient, effective manner.

We look at your business in a way you may not have looked at it before, revealing for you the areas of value in your company, as well as, exposing the areas that require support as you begin down the path of growing the value of your company.

Appraisal Components

Maximizing your company's value requires productivity in key areas of your business. LogisticsEquity has developed a valuation process that collects quantitative and qualitative data about your company and returns valuable information in a format you can use, including:

Valuation Appraisal - A formal evaluation of your company's business that includes performance feedback of your revenue potential, operational efficiency, financial performance, human capital placements, and technology investments. The appraisal will also include your company's industry positioning, and improvement opportunities.

Journey Map - A timeline of projected milestones that provides clarity to your destination and a definition of success, so you know you have achieved success when you get there.

Action Plan - A high-level summary of programs, project and activities set to a time-line to implement improvement opportunities.

The deliverables produced by the LogisticsEquity Value Appraisal will focus on the value generation priorities, align company assets, and link resources to activities to drive company value and success.

Each client opportunity will vary. The Logistics Value Assessment is designed to be an efficient benchmarking of your company's current state. Within the first week, our experts will have collected financial data, and started analyzing revenue streams.

By the second week, we will have compiled our observations of your operation, interviewed you and your key staff, and will be finalizing our competitive analysis.

Our third week, we will complete the appraisal and present it to you along with our recommended next steps.

Contact LogisticsEquity today to schedule a Logistics Value Appraisal to reveal the true value of your business!